Londorossi Route

Londorossi route lies in the most Western side of Kilimanajro. It is a difficult and less used route to climb Kilimanjaro. However if you choose Londrossi it will take you to seven nights and eight days thus less popular for budget travellers.

DAY 1:

After breakfast transport across the Maasai Steppe to the trailhead in the Lemosho Glades. You start climbing through the forest to the first camp Forest camp at 2700m. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 2:

After breakfast start climbing through the forest, crossing the Hagenia zone. The vegetation begins to thin out as you approach the Shira Plateau. Shira is one of the three craters of Kilimanjaro volcanic massif. The other two are Mawenzi and Kibo. Dinner and overnight at Shira camp at 3300m.

DAY 3:

After breakfast you climb cross the alpine heather, approaching the Kibo massif from the west to Heather camp at 3750m. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 4:

After breakfast you continue hiking, approaching the Alpine Desert Zone. Very few grasses survive here, like lichens and tussock and the temperate swings from tropical climate to freezing extremes. Lava Tower camp 4290m. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 5:

From the area you have a good view of Mount Meru, Kibo Massif and the Western Breach the passage on which we continue our climb the following two days. Camp Arrow Glacier 4650m. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 6:

The falling temperature persists, you continue climbing passing through Western Breach, taking the non-technical ascent route climbing slowly for six hours. Famous snows of Kilimanjaro cover the passage traverse a crater before reaching the next camp summit Crater camp. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 7:

Now we have only 2 hours of hiking to reach the crater summit and finally the Uhuru Summit, 5895m the Roof of Africa, free standing mountain in the world. You reach this point in good time to enjoy the sun rising before descending thorugh Mweka route to Mweka camp at 3150m. Dinner and overnight.

DAY 8:

From Mweka camp you continue descending to Mweka gate and further transport to your hotel for warm bath and dinner.

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